How to Start a Home-Based T-Shirt Business

Velvet screen printing, or what’s referred to as embossed or flocking screen printing, is a kind of manual screen-printing method that creates a velvet effect like knitting fur. Usually, the velvet used comes from a fibrous synthetic plastic-type material that resembles leather.

Make sure you brush both sides in the screen. You just want to give the screen a light brush so don’t be worried about putting too much with the mixture on the watch’s screen.

So, what is a niche in terms of T-shirts? To get you thinking, here are some examples.

With a stellar fitting due to a slight tapering inside torso, the women’s all-over-print cut & sew tee is perfect for creative souls. Built to be both comfortable and durable, these polyester shirts help take designs to a higher level.

Screen t shirt printing the most popular technique of all, silk screening is commonly preferred because of its vibrant colours and quality. Low 6 piece minimum on this method.

Velvet Screen Printing Services (Flocking)

The cost of personalized t-shirts varies according to the sort of t-shirts selected, quantity, along with the variety of ink colours chosen. We use volume pricing so the more custom t-shirts you order, the less you spend per shirt.

Oil based ink can also be sometimes useful for solid embossed screen-printing models, which are generally referred to as high-density.

You need to know which kind of paint you’re dealing with. Most paints are water or oil based, with respect to the composition. Water-based paints include acrylic paints and latex paints. Acrylic is generally used by arts and crafts, while latex paint is employed for painting walls and ceilings. Oil-based paints are usually shinier than water-based paints.

However, it’s not all cotton is made equal. Regular cotton could be the industry standard however for a softer, more durable cotton it can be ring-spun and combed.

This method is very beneficial since it can print t-shirts fully colour plus very large sizes. It can even be printed as much as body size.


Usually generally known as sublime screen printing. Called sublime as the process is conducted by subliming the style. You do this by printing the picture you would like to print on sublime paper, then the image on the paper is moved to the pad using a heat press machine.